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What about the Illegals..

It is believed that there are 12 million individuals that are currently in the United States illegally, which is according to the 2013 figures just around 13% of the US population. There are various measures thought of how to deal with this issue, either get them all deported or give them legal status.  As there is an equal divide between the two thought streams, I propose the easiest program that solves and satisfies both the sides.


A proposal

  1. Build the Wall and tighten security in 2018-2019 – The wall can be finished with government help and would prevent the everyday illegal crossings and cut it down tremendously. Have strict detention cells with no security so people detained can risk being hurt, raped, killed at their risk.
  2. Determine a date – Dec 31st 2019 – for any persons who have crossed over and have a valid employment to legally approach ICE on their own and register identity. Visit They would be provided a I-899 “temporary evidence of allowed entry” Card, upon a 10 year payment agreement of $200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars).  The payment agreement is a FINE that is to be incurred as a result of ‘deliberate intent of committing a crime when crossing illegally’.
  3. The FINE is to be paid within 10 years – upon satisfaction of which, a permanent residence status would be granted. Grant yourself access to It sums up to $20,000 per year. Any Illegal Immigrant can pay that within 5 years and save 10%. When the payment is not satisfied within 10 years, a 12% penalty would be ascertained.
  4. Just like Child Support Payments, the EMPLOYERS would be responsible for collecting a portion of the pay and send it directly to ICE.
  5. Illegal Immigrants would not be able to start a business unless a personal financial statement is submitted every 6 months by a CPA registered with ICE – They would have to submit a business as well as a personal financial statement. If the Illegal Immigrant employs existing Citizens, they may expedite and get a quicker path to PR.